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We are a ROR Development Company in Mumbai with a focus on cutting-edge Technology and User Experience.

We work with Businesses and Startups worldwide of all sizes to Develop, Improve, and Scale Ruby on Rails Websites & Ruby on Rails Web products built on Ruby on Rails which are SEO enabled & optimized.

Why Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework that has been used to create many high-performance websites, including GitHub, Airbnb, Reddit and Netflix, Shopify, KickStater, Zendisk.

Ruby on Rails allows developers to create complex web applications using less code in less time.

It is an object-oriented framework and it provides innumerable benefits for the developers like convention over configuration and convention over coding, high security with simple integration, and many more.

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

It provides a default structure for a database, a web server, and a set of standard conventions that make it easier to build robust, powerful web applications.

Extensive rich libraries, simple programming conventions, and developer friendly make the ruby on rails development very upstanding experience.

The ruby has a very strong community to support and the technology keeps upgrading according to the generations. It is no less than any other programming language. It is robust though is simple enough to be handled by beginners.

Ruby on Rails provides extensive support to many kinds of databases, despite it being relational or non-relational databases.

Ruby on Rails supports multi-platform development using its key point known as REST API and lays its hands for word with the collaboration of front-end technologies like REACT, ANGULAR, VUE, and many more.

The Adroit, a Ruby on Rails
Development Company in Mumbai

We creates solid and stable solutions, when it comes to Ruby on Rails Development.

You've come to the right place, if you're seeking for an experienced team with the advanced knowledge of frameworks and technologies, The Adroit is a super expert of ruby on rail development.

We can help you with anything from project planning to project development to project management, depending on your needs, obstacles, and market niche.

Our proficiency in Ruby on Rails development has resulted in remarkably favorable client feedback, even in ongoing support and maintenance. We maintain a very controlled method of upgrading and fixing that doesn't interfere with the clients' ongoing initiatives.

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What is ROR, Ruby on Rails?

ROR is an open-source web development framework that can be used to create powerful web applications for the web. 
It combines both the power of Ruby programming language with the benefits of a modern, dynamic web development framework.
Ruby on Rails or ROR is a server-side software framework written in the Ruby programming language. It is aimed at 
developers who want to create web applications and utilize an MVC paradigm with an emphasis on rapid development.

Which type of websites can be built on Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

Absolutely, Ruby on Rails (ROR) has powered numerous websites across diverse sectors. Here's an expanded summary of websites developed using ROR in various industries:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality:
    • CouchSurfing: A platform connecting travelers with local hosts for unique experiences.
    • Airbnb: The global travel community that offers unique homes and experiences.
  2. Marketing Companies:
    • Crazyegg: Provides analytics and insights to enhance website performance.
    • BBDO: A global advertising agency.
    • Accenture: A multinational professional services company.
    • Crunchbase: A platform for discovering business information about private and public companies.
    • Yellow Pages: An online directory service.
  3. Social Media:
    • Ask.fm: A social networking site where users ask and answer questions.
    • WeHearIt: A platform for discovering music.
    • Goodreads: A social media platform for book lovers.
    • 500px: An online photography community.
    • Dribbble: A platform for showcasing design work.
    • Slideshare: A platform for sharing presentations.
    • Twitter: The widely used social media platform.
    • Xing: A European career-oriented social networking site.
  4. Software Development:
    • Github, GitLab, Gitee: Platforms for version control and collaboration among developers.
    • Heroku: A cloud platform for deploying, managing, and scaling applications.
    • Basecamp: A project management and team collaboration tool.
    • Themeforest: A marketplace for website templates and themes.
  5. Healthcare:
    • Watsi: A crowdfunding platform for medical procedures.
    • PatientsLikeMe: An online community for people with chronic conditions.
    • Optum: A health services and innovation company.
    • Doximity: A professional medical network.
    • Chronon: A health tech company focusing on chronic disease management.
    • OneMedical: A primary care platform.
  6. Entertainment:
    • Hulu: A popular streaming service.
    • Twitch: A live streaming platform, initially for gamers.
    • SoundCloud: A platform for musicians to share and distribute music.
    • Netflix: A leading streaming platform.
    • Cookpad: A recipe-sharing platform.
  7. Real Estate:
    • Big Purple Dot: A real estate software solution.
    • Prologis: A logistics real estate company.
    • Spacelist: A commercial real estate listing platform.

This range of websites showcases the flexibility and capabilities of Ruby on Rails in powering applications across industries, from social media and entertainment to healthcare and real estate.


Which are the top websites developed in Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (ROR) has been used to develop numerous successful websites across various industries. Some of the top websites built using ROR include:

  1. Basecamp: Basecamp is a project management and team collaboration tool that was actually developed by the creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson. It's a flagship example of what ROR can achieve.
  2. GitHub: GitHub, the widely used platform for version control and collaboration, is built on Ruby on Rails. This speaks to the scalability and reliability of the framework.
  3. Airbnb: Airbnb, the global travel community that offers unique homes and experiences for travelers, was initially developed using ROR. While they have since moved to a more service-oriented architecture, ROR played a significant role in their early growth.
  4. Shopify: Shopify, the popular e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create online stores, also began its journey using Ruby on Rails.
  5. Twitch: Twitch, the live streaming platform primarily for gamers but now encompassing a variety of content, started out using Ruby on Rails.
  6. SoundCloud: SoundCloud, a platform for musicians to share and distribute their music, was initially built using Ruby on Rails.
  7. Zendesk: Zendesk, a customer service software and support ticket system, also utilized Ruby on Rails in its development.
  8. Groupon: Groupon, the e-commerce marketplace connecting local businesses with consumers, is another example of a successful website developed with ROR.
  9. Hulu: While it's not entirely built on ROR, Hulu, the popular streaming service, uses Ruby on Rails for various aspects of its backend.
  10. YellowPages: The YellowPages online directory service is built using Ruby on Rails.

These examples underscore the versatility and capabilities of Ruby on Rails in developing websites for different purposes and industries. However, it's worth noting that technology landscapes evolve, and some of these websites may have evolved their technology stacks over time.

How ROR (Ruby on Rails) is better than other coding languages?

Ruby on Rails (ROR) offers several advantages that make it stand out compared to other coding languages. Here are some key reasons why ROR is often considered superior:

  1. Developer-Friendly Syntax: Ruby, the programming language behind ROR, is known for its elegant and human-readable syntax. This makes coding more intuitive and reduces the chances of errors, leading to faster development.
  2. Convention over Configuration: ROR follows the principle of "Convention over Configuration," which means developers can focus on writing code rather than configuring settings. This accelerates development and reduces repetitive tasks.
  3. DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Principle: ROR emphasizes code reusability, reducing redundancy and making maintenance easier. This results in more efficient and maintainable applications.
  4. Rapid Development: ROR's built-in features and libraries, known as "Gems," significantly speed up development. This is particularly advantageous for startups and projects with tight deadlines.
  5. Vibrant Community: ROR has a large and active community of developers, which means ample resources, tutorials, and open-source contributions are available. This fosters collaborative learning and problem-solving.
  6. Rich Ecosystem: ROR offers a robust ecosystem of tools, libraries, and frameworks that cover various aspects of development, from front-end to back-end and beyond.
  7. Scalability: While there have been concerns about ROR's scalability in the past, modern versions have
  8. Testing Frameworks: ROR comes with testing frameworks like RSpec and Capybara, which promote the practice of test-driven development (TDD), leading to more reliable and bug-free code.
  9. Agile Development: ROR's features align well with Agile development practices, allowing for rapid iterations and easy adaptation to changing requirements.
  10. Security: ROR follows security best practices by default, which helps in building secure applications. Additionally, the active community ensures that security vulnerabilities are quickly addressed.

While ROR might not be the best fit for every project, its combination of ease of use, speed of development, and community support make it an attractive choice for many developers and businesses.

Which are the frameworks of Ruby?

The surge in Ruby's popularity spurred developers to elevate their efforts and craft some of the most notable frameworks for automated testing in Ruby. Here is a list of prominent Ruby frameworks:

  1.     Sinatra
  2.     Camping
  3.     Ramaze
  4.     Goliath
  5.     Hanami
  6.     Padrino

Each of these frameworks contributes to the dynamism and effectiveness of automated testing within the Ruby ecosystem.

What are the benefits of upgrading Ruby & Rails frameworks?

The landscape of technology is ever-evolving. When you initially developed your Rails application, it's likely that you utilized the latest version available at that time. However, the passage of time brings forth subsequent iterations of Rails, causing your application to gradually fall behind the technological curve.

This scenario highlights the significance of updating your Rails application for the following compelling reasons:

  • Security: Staying current with the latest Rails version is crucial for maintaining robust security measures, safeguarding your application from potential vulnerabilities.
  • Improved Performance: Newer Rails iterations often introduce performance enhancements, optimizing your application's speed and responsiveness.
  • Stability: Updates frequently include bug fixes and stability improvements, resulting in a smoother and more reliable user experience.
  • Improvements to the Ruby Language: Rails updates often coincide with advancements in the Ruby language, enhancing the overall development process.
  • New Gems and Ecosystem Updates: With each Rails release, new gems and ecosystem updates become available. Leveraging these resources can enhance your application's functionality and keep it aligned with contemporary trends.

In essence, regular updates ensure that your application remains secure, performs optimally, and leverages the latest advancements in both Rails and the broader technological landscape.

How efficient Ruby on Rails Development?

Developing applications in RoR is characterized by its speed and simplicity, owing to the coding by convention over configuration principle. This approach is particularly advantageous for projects with limited budgets and ample time resources.

Ruby on Rails stands as a dynamic web application framework, offering developers an efficient avenue for constructing and deploying applications. With RoR as the backend programming language, developers experience a streamlined workflow. This is largely attributed to the optimization of the development process through prepackaged code, represented as a collection of 'gems'. These gems act as valuable building blocks, contributing to the ease and effectiveness of application development.

Next generation website developing with rails 7?

Just a few years back, this concept was beyond imagination, largely due to the absence of essential technologies. However, with the widespread adoption of HTTP/2, the advancement of ES6/ESM support in browsers, and the emergence of a novel import map standard, the previously unattainable has become feasible.

In the realm of Rails 7, these innovations converge to offer a default approach to the front end without requiring Node.js. This is a groundbreaking shift, all the while retaining access to npm packages and contemporary JavaScript tools.

In a side-by-side comparison with single-page applications, the fusion of Turbo and Stimulus within Hotwire provides an arsenal of tools that facilitate the creation of remarkable user experiences, without leaving much to the imagination. Remarkably, this is achieved with a fraction of the complexity inherent in other solutions.

Replacing the comparatively limited options of Turbolinks and Rails UJS, Hotwire emerges as the default choice for new Rails applications. Given these advancements, the majority of Rails applications will not necessitate a dependency on Node. Nevertheless, for those that do, Rails 7 has significantly enhanced the integration experience.

The landscape of web development has witnessed an incredible transformation, and Rails 7 leverages these advancements to usher in a new era of possibilities.

What makes The Adroit best Ruby on Rail Development Company in Mumbai?

The Adroit stands as a premier Ruby on Rails Development Company, boasting a team of seasoned Rails Engineers with a remarkable collective experience averaging 10 years in the Ruby on Rails domain.

Distinguished by its prowess, The Adroit has crafted exceptional applications on Ruby on Rails, setting a benchmark of value and market demand. Notably, creations like the Chatbot Builder, a dynamic CMS for Chatbots, and the local business vendor application watskart.com exemplify the caliber of their work.

Furthermore, The Adroit spans the Rails spectrum, from version 4 to the cutting-edge Rails 7, with matching server setups. This unique alignment positions them as an unparalleled Ruby on Rails Development Company in Mumbai, exceptionally equipped and advanced in their craft.

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