Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development

Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development

"According to Similar Tech, Ruby on Rails built 4,01,543+ websites whereas Python has 1,33,571+ and Magento has 1,31,483+ websites."

Rails is a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to MVC pattern.

According to Similar Tech, built 4,01,543+ websites whereas Python has 1,33,571+ and Magento has 1,31,483+ websites.

Developers’ happiness

Ruby uses fewer characters, less special symbols, and more explicit syntax.

Ruby code compared English: Is John happy?
PHP: $john->isHappy()
Ruby: john.happy?

Modifying the existing code and adding new features to a site is easy, the Rails conventions will help employees step up and pick up on everything quickly.

Debugging with Pry is very easy to compare with other languages, which allow to pause execution and inspect the code in run time.

Ruby on Rails contains 133,000+ gems that allow developers to build an application without writing boilerplate code.

Client’s happiness

Most of the entrepreneurs experience problems of time constraints and tight budgets; using Ruby on Rails they can save their money and time in several ways.

On average, teams using Ruby on Rails build applications 30-40% faster than teams using other programming languages and frameworks.

After switching the agency, the new agency does not find much difficulty to learn it, as it’s easy to understand compared to other languages.

Sites Built with Ruby on Rails

1. GitHub

GitHub was launched in 2008 to host IT-projects and facilitate developers. Now GitHub boasts around 22 million users and 61 million repositories worldwide and is considered as the biggest code repository in the world.
Visitors: 382.74M

2. Hulu

American subscription video-on-demand service, founded in 2007, is now one of the largest portals for watching your favourite TV shows, movies and Internet videos.
Visitors: 249.84M

3. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a Dutch internet-based computer file transfer service, founded in 2009.
Visitors: 135.2M

4 SlideShare

Founded in 2006, LinkedIn SlideShare is an American hosting service for professional content which includes presentations, infographics, documents, and videos.
Visitors: 129.6M

5. Airbnb

Founded in 2007, Airbnb connects travellers looking for a place to stay with hosts, who can easily rent their rooms or apartments.
Visitors: 26.30M


Both our favourite framework and this popular project management online tool was created by the same man – David Heinemeier Hansson.
Visitors: 14.38M

According to stack overflow survey 2019, Ruby on Rails framework at 7th position in most Wanted Web Frameworks list

Worldwide Job Ads from

Ruby on Rails developer: 1358
Laravel developer: 870
Django developer: 1089
Magento developer: 1729

GitHub Contributors

Rails: 4,015+
Laravel: 2,236+
Magento2: 1,351+
Django: 1,186+

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Sandeep Memane

Sandeep is a senior ROR professional, who loves to play Cricket & code in Ruby on Rails. Sandeep has developed more than 50 websites on ROR in his career of 8 years, working for B2B & B2C clients.

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