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Software Testing

What is Software Testing and How Does it Work? 10 benefits of software testing

Vishakha Kale 2023-08-21

Software testing is a critical discipline within the realm of software development that ensures the quality, functionality, and reliability of software applications. It involves systematically examining the software to identify defects, errors, and deviations from expected behavior. The overarching goal of software testing is to deliver robust and dependable software that meets user requirements and performs optimally.

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Software Testing

Ways to improve regression testing in agile?

Nikita Wagh 2023-08-21

Regression testing is a software testing methodology that aims to identify and mitigate any unintended negative impacts on an existing software system caused by code changes, updates, or enhancements. It involves re-executing a predefined set of test cases on the modified software to ensure that new code changes have not adversely affected the existing functionality of the application.

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