A Paradigm Shift – Digital Marketing as a career option in 2024

A Paradigm Shift – Digital Marketing as a career option in 2024

"In the next 10 years, digital marketing & e-commerce sectors will have the highest volume of jobs in India & across the world.

Yes, you got it right! And it’s happening because of increasing demand from the end users, who are now more tech-savvy than ever before, and using various online platforms like e-commerce & social websites to fulfill their needs."

With the way things are in the present situation, we’re surrounded by the Internet even for the most menial tasks. Google has ingrained itself into our lives so much so that we cannot imagine a day without looking something up on this search engine giant. It’s significance resonates in the field of marketing as well.

Their tools, Google Drive & Documents, Sheets, Analytics, Webmaster, AdSense, Google Ads have revolutionized how businesses operate, work in sync and enhance their existing marketing styles. Digital and Advertising agencies have also employed these techniques to meet the ongoing demand with the intention of delivering cost-effective results to their clients.

While one cannot deny that traditional marketing has its own place, digital marketing, because of its affordability, makes promotion and marketing through online channels cheaper and yields relatively better results in comparison. This has equipped marketing managers everywhere to identify where people are coming from, how much time is being spent by them on the website, what they are doing on the website, and which tactics produce the highest ROI.

The present scenario is undoubtedly leading to a rapid rise in the demand for digital marketing and hence, job opportunities in the market are simultaneously growing at a quick rate. Digital economy is embedded in every aspect of our lives, and with the way the world is progressing, it’s likely to stay. There’s a solid budget going into digital marketing now as opposed to traditional marketing.

In the coming years, marketers are bound to find more use for digital marketing, and that means an increase in career opportunities. What makes digital marketing stand out is that it does not just serve businesses but individuals who want to make their presence online make extensive use of it too. It is pretty evident that digital marketing is only going to grow and will offer a high amount of jobs in India as well as abroad.

If you’re a fresher/graduate and are interested in this field, here are some factors which make digital marketing a lucrative career option,

1. No Constraints On Background Education

While it might give you a slight edge in terms of grasping concepts as a marketing student, if you wish to familiarise yourself with digital marketing, you can get started without worrying about your educational background.

An ability you should possess when it comes to being a digital marketer is to be able to think out of the box.

If you are someone who has basic qualifications and is capable of grasping knowledge from the Internet, you can get started on this path of learning about digital marketing by utilizing the resources online.

2. Demand For Digital Marketers On An Upward Trend

Almost every business today is shifting from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing methods. Due to this shift, companies are constantly on the lookout for dynamic digital marketers to help them stay afloat in the current market.

This demand is so high that it is outstripping the supply of digital marketers.

3. Remuneration At An All-Time High

With the high demand of digital marketers exceeding the low supply, your value as an employee in this field will subsequently increase.

Nowadays, e-commerce and digital firms are offering high salaries along with incentives to their employees as this is a vital role in the overall growth of the company.

4. Booming Industry

As per Statista, by 2023, the number of active Indian internet users will reach almost 666 million.

Global Data reports that the Indian e-commerce market is pushing to 7 trillion rupees by 2023 because of lockdowns.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, digital marketing career scope in the Indian market will be worth $160B by 2025, which is three times the current value.

Companies today are employing digital marketing for many reasons. Primarily, it provides the opportunity to meet its target audience at the right time and in the right place. By means of targeted advertising paired with trackable ROI, companies have grown extensively. Hence, digital marketing is not going anywhere and will continue to evolve further instead of ceasing to exist.

5. Greater Job Security

Another aspect that makes digital marketing an optimal career choice is the job security it offers. Even more so in the IT, Banking & Insurance, Finance, and FMCG industries. We all want job security, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic which led to a bout of uncertainty.

In this period of lockdown, companies everywhere struggled to survive in the market and nearly shut down. But what led to their survival in this market was that they adapted and sped up their digital transformation.

6. From Diverse Career Options

Digitization continues to span across industries and companies all over the world, right from start-ups to well-known corporations that are on the hunt for digital professionals with relevant experience. Digital marketing professionals have a myriad of domains they can specialize in, depending on what they’re inclined toward and the skills they possess.

Whether you are a fresher or a working professional, you will definitely find something for yourself. As someone learning digital marketing, your specialization is not just limited to one skill but multiple skills. Hence, you can choose from a variety of career paths such as an SEO Expert, a Social Media Manager, an Inbound Marketing Manager, an Analytics Manager, a Content Marketing Manager, and more.

7. Thrive As An Entrepreneur

If you wish to embark upon your own business venture as an entrepreneur, being well-versed in the field of digital marketing will surely benefit you. In order to do so, you can either establish a digital marketing agency of your own or promote your own business.

What digital marketing essentially does is let you generate revenue with the most cost-effective promotion by targeting the right audience. Analytical tools enable you to keep track of your progress and come up with better strategies to enhance your business.

8. Job Opportunities For A Freelancer

Once you grasp digital marketing through and through, you can start your own freelancing business and leverage your digital marketing services to clients. By working remotely, all you need is a functioning laptop and internet connection and you’re good to go!

In this manner, freelancers have been able to carve out profitable careers for themselves and if you think you’re not the typical office-going person, this is the perfect career option for you.

9. Put Your Creative Hat On (and Experiment)

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to digital marketing. In such a dynamic environment, there will always be a need for innovative ways to think of while marketing products, solving problems, conducting A/B tests, improving customer experience and engaging audiences.

Digital marketing has a lot of room for experimentation as companies want creative and unique ways to capitalize on aspects that are working in the business as long as those that could perform better.

10. Multi-faceted Job Roles

In the digital marketing industry, you will find yourself surrounded by a set of diverse individuals having a diverse set of skills. This atmosphere will let you grow and learn new things, help you increase your productivity, and creativity, and help you gain a wider range of skills.

Digital Managers are required at both ends, be it from the Client-side or Agency side. Upon having a good knowledge of vital digital techniques, it is up to you whether you want to be an instructor or executor.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that the proliferation of the Internet has brought about a radical change in the way businesses operate, how they market their products, and their shift from traditional to digital marketing methods.

As digitization continues at a rapid pace, employers across all industries and over the world are on the lookout for skilled employees who possess the ability to drive business objectives such as revenue, leads, engagement, and brand awareness.

The digital industry is booming with career opportunities. Knowing how much digital marketing is predicted to grow, it is the right time to look for a digital marketing course to kick-start your career in the industry.

All these reasons point to the fact that digital marketing can be an amazing career option, given that it’s something that interests you greatly.

Tanisha Tiwari

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